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The Best of 2014, ever changing, in progress

Best songs:

Metronomy "I'm Aquarius"
The Woodentops "A Little More Time"
St. Vincent "Prince Johnny"
Lily Allen "URL Badman"
Glass Animals "Gooey"
Martin Carr "Stayin' Alive" (Dub version)
Freddie Gibbs "Robes"
Black Keys "Fever"
Moses Sumney "Man On The Moon"
Kanye West "Black Skinhead" (Flying Lotus/Thundercat Remix)
Paul Thomas Saunders "In High Heels Burn It Down" 
Jimi Goodwin "Keep My Soul In Song"
Sebastien Tellier "L'adulte"
Michael Jackson "Love Never Felt So Good"
Jess Delgado "I Can Bring Love" (French version)
Say Lou Lou "Peppermint" 
Royksopp & Robyn "Do It Again"
Caitlin Park "Hold Your Gaze"
La Roux "Uptight Downtown"
Raury "Cigarette Song"
Taylor Swift "Shake It Off"
Sean Lennon & Cornelius "Heart Grenade"
Teen Flirt w/ Denise Gutierrez "Her Fake Name is Sofia"
Ibeyi "River"
Dylan Gardner "Massachusetts"
The Magic Numbers "E.N.D."
Kendrick Lamar "i"
Liam Bailey "Stun Me"
Emitt Rhodes "How To Mend A Broken Heart"

Best albums/EPs:

Woodentops - Granular Tales
Kelis - Food
Paul Thomas Saunders - Beautiful Desolation
Tackhead - For The Love Of Money
Ray LaMontagne - Supernova
Jose James - While You Were Sleeping
Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo
Davidge - Slo Light
Gruff Rhys - American Interior
Martin Carr - The Breaks
Ty Segall - Manipulator 
Emilie Simon - Mue 



The Year in disappointment...

Disappointment is inevitable, even in the mighty 2014. These albums arrived with high hopes and left us muttering "no no no" as we pull the discs out of the machine (Yes, we buy CDs, so what?)...

Pharrell Williams - G I R L
Metronomy - Love Letters
Boozoo Bajou - 4
Thievery Corporation - Saudade
Kimbra - Golden Echo


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Lady in waiting... Stardom soon comes for Kiwi Voxtrix Kimbra

Kimbra. Yup, another brilliant popstar from down thataway. Whilst I have recently typed/sung the praises of Ladi6, another New Zealand singer, it is clear to me that 21 year old Kimbra (Johnson) will be the first across the finishline of borderless stardom.

Her debut album is called Vows and it was released in NZ and Australia (Where Miss K now resides) on September 2nd. Warner Brothers signed this songstress for the world and it is likely they will devote some energy and money to the proposition that we are all equally entitled to this superfine Pop/Soul/Jazz yumstrosity.

Two singles have advanced the cause thus far. The first, "Settle Down" is a skitish, clap-driven marvel that strikes me as a distant cousin to Nellie McKay's ironiclassic "I Wanna Get Married." The second, "Cameo Lover" drops science on the shape of things to come. The song is an intricately contructed, near-perfect partical of Pop. It starts off catchy, simple and mainstream, then leaps into a Mari Wilsonesque two-part chorus that you just don't get in your average aural confection these days. From there it's another verse, then an amazing bridge that recalls early Style Council, chorus repeat and coda. There are by my count, five stand alone hooks packed into this four minute miracle. That, ladies and gents, is value.

Folks have been throwing around the names Nina Simone and Bessie Smith in reference to Miss K, but I'll call woah on that for the time being. There is definitely genre bending ambition at work here. Kimbra lists dozens of idols and influences from Frank Sinatra to Outkast, Animal Collective to Cornelius. Beyond her own work she has been known to cover Prince live and has guested on groovy tracks by Miami Horror and Gotye.

Clearly there is a lot to expect and take in from this newbie and the world needs genuinely ambitious omni-directional pop stars (Curb time for Madame GaGa). Mark your calendars. Kimbra is coming.

Here is the vid for "Cameo Lover"

And the soundcloud for album standout "Good Intent"

  Good Intent by Kimbra


Clearly, it would be wise and true to...